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I’m Dr. Carl Juneau and my PhD is in public health (epidemiology). Since the pandemic hit, I wrote a systematic review of cost-effective interventions to suppress COVID-19 and contributed to a series of long-form articles with Tomas Pueyo that have been viewed about 60 million times.

I check 68 sources for new science on COVID-19 every day (including Nature, Science, JAMA, The Lancet, and more). I link to the 5 best papers here as a public service and provide a summary in 2-3 sentences. I focus on public health and epidemic control, not on clinical outcomes or pharmacology.

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[Added July 20] Here’s the full list of sources I check. Please leave a comment at the bottom if you know of other good sources:

  1. Nature

  2. Science

  3. The Lancet

  4. US CDC Novel Coronavirus Reports

  5. The New England Journal of Medicine

  6. Infectious Diseases Society of America Journals

  7. The Journal of the American Medical Association

  8. Cochrane Library COVID-19

  9. Cochrane COVID-19 Study Register

  10. Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service

  11. CIDRAP COVID-19 Resource Center

  12. Institut national de santé publique du Québec - Veille COVID-19

  13. LitCovid (US National Institutes of Health)

  14. Trip COVID-19 or “novel coronavirus”

  15. Living Overview of Evidence—COVID-19

  16. COVID-19 Evidence Alerts from McMaster University

  17. McMaster University National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

  18. Evidence aid Coronavirus (COVID-19)